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Household Tasks

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Getting help with housekeeping and domestic duties

Our Carer will cook for/ with you nutritious meals that suit your dietary needs. They will also help you keep your home tidy by cleaning it. 


Help with domestic duties and housekeeping

As people get older, or if they have disabilities, domestic tasks and housekeeping can become more and more challenging. Our carers can support with household-related tasks to make life a little easier.

Our services offer reassurance to loved ones that their loved one is being supported with things they find difficult or can no longer do. This support can often be crucial for ensuring someone can continue living in the home they know and love.

There are times when the little tasks we must do build up and get on top of us. Simple things like popping to the shops or attending a doctor’s appointment can sometimes get too much. It’s great to know that support is available and can provide some relief.

Which domestic duties can we support you with?

Tidying and maintaining the home
Preparing, cooking and helping with meals
Laundry at home or at the laundrette
Paying bills and collecting pensions
Writing out shopping lists
Looking after pets/dog walking

Our goal is to provide care that allows our clients to live as independently as possible. To accomplish this, we encourage the people we care for to continue performing the general domestic tasks they have always performed. We can help by working alongside them to complete tasks and household duties, taking over a task, or performing a series of pre-determined duties.

Household tasks

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Why choose Krystals Care

Our goal is to improve your health and well-being so that you can live independently and confidently at home.

Compatible <br>CareGivers


Our CareGivers are compassionate, dependable and professionally qualified, with many having cared themselves for an older friend or relative.

We are locally owned and operated

We are locally owned and operated

We are a trusted locally owned healthcare agency providing exceptional care and trusted services. We understand the local lifestyle, and our community.

Quality, flexible, consistent care services

Quality, flexible, consistent care services

We will provide you with care that is both flexible and personal. This is our commitment to you. We offer you the best  care and support, tailored to suit your personal preferences.